CasBanC | About
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CasBanc is a mortgage brokerage and advisory services firm, tailored to delivering seamless access to mortgage finance for real estate property buyers.

We act as independent advisor on mortgage finance matters. And, in our dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions, we have the expertise to assist property buyers to select and access the appropriate mortgage loans designed to provide optimal finance options for the purchase of the desired real estate property.

Our strengths derive from our focus on excellence, superior quality and commitment to integrity in all our dealings. Our highly skilled professionals assisted by a comprehensive network of partners and alliances, provide a high degree of proficiency and continuous innovation which enhance the depth and reach of the operations. With this network of industry expertise, and several years of experience of strategic mortgage finance transactions, the CasBanc team has the capacity to serve a diverse set of clients and is positioned to deliver sustainable long-term value.

Our dedicated team of mortgage brokers’, are accomplished professionals possessing a diverse range of experience in mortgage finance. Together with select partners and alliances, other relevant real estate finance areas such as insurance, are accessible to clients. We are innovative in our approach, with a focus on providing client specific solutions with the aim of optimizing the clients’ goals and objectives.

Our people are  supported by the following key resources:

  • Mortgage Industry Expertise.Our mortgage brokers are innovative and pro-active in bringing strategic knowledge of real estate and financial sector dynamics to mortgage transactions.
  • Solution Oriented and Decision Making Skills. Our people possess the intellectual and analytical competencies to provide comprehensive and personalized solutions.
  • Access to Key Lending Institutions. CasBanc’s established relationships with the management of key lending institutions provide high level access and facilitate an efficient mortgage loan process.
  • Collaborations with Developers, Agents and other Real Estate players. Alliances and partnerships with select real estate and related businesses enable the presentation of a comprehensive product and service offering for our clients.