CasBanC | Services
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Our Transactions reflect our dedication to excellence in service delivery

 Services for Mortgage Seekers

Mortgage Introduction

Clients are enlightened on the mortgage products offered by mortgage lenders and subsequently introduced to select best option mortgage lenders.


Mortgage Brokerage Service

Guidance is provided throughout the mortgage application process. Clients are assisted with approaching the mortgage lender, completion.


Mortgage Advisory Services

From the needs assessment/financial profile of the prospective borrower, CasBanc will identify the distinct needs of the borrower, advice on the available options and recommend the mortgage lender(s) that can provide an appropriate mortgage product.  This will include advice on the effects and suitability of entering into a particular mortgage contract.

Mortgage Re-financing

CasBanc will assist clients with existing mortgage loans to change the terms of their existing mortgage contract, facilitating the opportunity to release some equity on an existing mortgage loan.


Mortgage Portfolio Management

The management of mortgage loan portfolios will be targeted to ensure that the client can continually meet their financial obligations even in turbulent economic conditions.


Diaspora Desk

Introducing and advising on the mortgage loan packages available to Nigerian residents in diaspora for the purchase of property in Nigeria.


Services for Mortgage Providers

Mortgage Introduction

Clients are introduced by CasBanc to the mortgage lender.


Mortgage Brokerage Services

CasBanc manages the clients’ pre-application assessment and application during the mortgage transaction process: obtaining required documentation and submission of application to the mortgage lender.

Services for Real Estate Developers and Estate Agents

For select developers, CasBanc will facilitate access to mortgages for clients purchasing property at various stages of construction: including off plan and ‘shell’/basic property sales